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Get Published!

It will change your life!

Whether you've created a novel, a memoir, a "how to" book or the latest children's story, we're here to guide you through the publishing process and create a professional book that's ready to hit the market. 

Publishing... it's a process!



Preparing a file for print is tedious and involved. It may involve illustrations or graphic design with appropriate image resolution. It will need typesetting onto the paper size of your project. In short, a print-ready PDF is a file that has all the specifications needed to produce a high-resolution print product without requiring any additional alteration or intervention.



There are four main steps in the book printing process (pre-press, press, post-press, and binding), during which the pages are laid out in order, and individual copies are printed on either a digital printer or offset press. The copies are then trimmed to size and finally, glued, stitched and bound. 



Distribution refers to the process and logistics of making your book available to the customer. For print books, it means going from the printer to a retailer or directly to the reader. Obviously, you'll want your book to be available through multiple channels, maximizing the opportunity for customers to find and buy your product.

Our team... standing by with everything you need to professionally publish and sell your book. We'll provide all the tools and services -- all the bells and whistles you need to wind up on the Best Seller list!

  • Custom-designed cover

  • Professional interior formatting

  • Back cover and author bio

  • Up to 30 illustrations

  • Print-on-Demand capability

  • e-Book files

  • Author website

  • ISBN and barcode

  • Bowker's registration

  • Library of Congress registration

  • Print-on-Demand capability

  • Amazon registration

  • Online publishing classes

  • Hard copy proof

What's Included

From concept to consumer, we've got you covered!

Schedule a consultation TODAY and let's get started!

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