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About Tri-fecta

Get to know us

Founded in 1998 as a business writing services company (and yes, we're good at that), TRI-FECTA has grown and morphed into a total consulting, writing and publishing firm for both individuals and businesses. We have a long list of clients, and we are proud to take your idea from conception to reality in our one-stop shop!

Meet our Team


Format & Design




Format & Design

There's no better teacher than experience, and we have 25 glorious years of it! In that time, we've written and published books ranging from colorful children's stories to fictional novels and heartfelt poetry, created in-depth training manuals for international and very notable corporations, initiated successful advertising and marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, designed comprehensive systems for statewide multi-day festivals, consulted with dozens of start-up and growth companies, and mentored hundreds of college students in the fine arts of business.

Our expertise is proven. We champion your message in a way that showcases your talents, ideas and potential for any personal or professional need. Our consultants are skilled and effective communicators with documented results and unlimited resources.


We value proficiency, productivity and profitability as the core tenets of our success, and we pass those values on to you in our work. 

What we do...

  • We'll write your life story! Your thoughts... our words, and publish it in a beautiful, hardback keepsake edition.

  • We'll write your book! Your novel, your short stories, your "how to" educational and business tools... and publish them however you want.

  • We'll create your "why"... Your compelling story to market your brand. 

  • We'll publish your manuscript

  • and help you get it to market!

  • We'll edit your content to perfection and make it the best it can be!

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